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Sunny Meadows Wedding Headpiece Headband


I received this circlet a couple of days ago. Mine is in Sterling silver with pearl flowers and dark red Swarovski crystals. Elnara suggested it to me after seeing the pictures of my dress and I must say I am really grateful because it creates the style I was looking for. I will be wearing it almost like a hairband, I have tried it as a tiara and a circlet too and it is very comfortable in any position. The circlet has a small chain at the back that you can adjust to make it fit where you want. I find the picture does not show the true colour of the silver. It is really stunning, the silver is shiny and beautifully polished, it creates an amazing contrast with my dark hair. It is really light and manageable and it is really easy to put it in place. Elnara asked me a lot of questions about the way I was wearing it, so I believe she created it with that in mind because as I said it is really comfortable. I am 100% sure it will not hurt after a while and it will not fall. I think I will be making excuses to wear it in other occasions. In fact, I also ordered some matching earrings because it will be easy to find events to put them on! Honestly, the silver is stunning, it is not one of those matte lifeless silver or a silver-coated paint you can find in normal tiaras, as soon as you see it you can tell is not a coating of silver. Everybody I showed it to have asked me at first sight if it was silver because it is so shiny and smooth. I am really happy with it and I cannot wait to wear it on my wedding day! I went today to do one of the fittings and I took it with me. My dress looked gorgeous but I think the circlet is going to be a good contender for compliments. I am not sure what they will praise more, as this piece is not just an accessory but an important part of the outfit.
I think this is an amazing piece to keep and pass to future generations. I am really happy with the purchase. I would recommend it to anyone. Other thing: the best customer service you will ever experience online or in a high street shop. Not only she made it in a record time (I contacted her within weeks of the wedding) but she updated me almost everyday by email and she sent me pictures of the process so I could change things if I wished before everything was complete. Delivery was ultrafast too, it took a few days from US to the UK, and it was carefully wrapped in a box with foam, surrounded by loads of those foamy balls, all finished with a lovely ribbon. This box was then inside a box at least 4 times its size and filled with the foamy balls again all around. My circlet was surely safe of any damage! I had to dive inside to find the box! (Ok, this last bit is an exaggeration, but it was extremely well wrapped). Outstanding, everything: the circlet, the service, the materials used, the delivery and the communication. I can't say one bad thing. Even payment was easy and straightforward and she did not charge the full amount I authorized because she thought I did not need the extra delivery charge I was paying for (and she was right, as it arrived in 3-4 days anyway). 11 out of 10. If I can find another excuse to buy something else, like a bracelet, I will!! Thank you for everything!!
Date Added: 08/12/2010 by Marta Suarez
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