Circlets and Headpieces

Medieval Bridal Fashions offers a stunning collection of bridal wreaths, circlets and headpieces. All of our designs are painstakingly Hand Crafted in the USA, and made by my hand using traditional artisan silver smithing techniques. As such, these bridal circlet creations are not mass produced by machine in some far away factory. Some of the wedding jewelry designs however, may be available to buy right away, if they are indicated as being in stock.

We have great passion for Celtic Wedding Jewelry, as well as Elvish, Irish and Scottish weddings. We find great inspiration in the natural world - leaves, vines and flowers. In our Celtic wedding jewelry designs, we draw inspiration from these themes to create tasteful and unique accessories that will provide a subtle accent or make a strong statement on your wedding.  We put a lot of love into making our wedding crowns and headpieces and we are thrilled that you are here, inquiring about our creations!

If you have come here by a similar passion for the Lord of the Rings or medieval lore, we hope you will enjoy browsing our bridal jewelry! We also do custom work, so if you do not see exactly what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can modify an existing headpiece, or combine two designs into one, or create something custom for you completely from scratch. As the famous slogan from the movie "Princess Bride" says - "Aaaas youuuuu wiiiiiish"! :-)

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